Embrace the charm of the city in fashion form… 

Introducing ByCeeTouch: pioneering pieces inspired by the Beirut streets.

Founded by Cynthia Ghannoum, ByCeeTouch is a Lebanese brand that focuses on the inspirational art of fashion. Ever since a young age, Cynthia was transfixed with the world of fashion and how it’s become so iconic and unifying.

As a result, when she became an adult, Cynthia vowed to delve deep into the inner workings of the industry by pursuing a degree in Fashion and Styling at Esmod University for Fashion.

It was during her studies that Cynthia’s passionate love affair with Beirut (her creative hub) began. It was only in the charming, authentic streets of Beirut that she truly felt alive—like she could be and achieve anything. She felt distinctive, assertive, and energetic—and wanted to build a brand which encompassed all of these admirable qualities.

That’s how ByCeeTouch was born.

Through a deep understanding of the cultural blend that Beirut possesses, Cynthia has created customized pieces for the city dweller and styled them to perfection. Each and every collection is influenced by culture, designed with love, and crafted to meet the needs of women everywhere, from Beirut and beyond.