ByCeeTouch Spotlight: An Interview With Founder Cynthia Ghannoum

Watch out, fashionistas! An exciting new brand has just arrived on the scene.

Just as bold as it is innovative, Lebanese-based ByCeeTouch offers pioneering pieces inspired by the Beirut streets.

It was founded by Cynthia Ghannoum, who has been transfixed with the world of fashion from a young age.

In fact, we recently decided to talk to the lady herself about her background, how she spotted an opportunity with ByCeeTouch, and what it means to “embrace the charm of the city in fashion form.”

Let’s jump right in, shall we?

1. When did you start ByCeeTouch?

“I started ByCeeTouch in January 2020—almost a year ago.”

2. Why did you start ByCeeTouch?

“Since youth, I always had a love for styling and design. People compliment almost everything I wear and even kind of look up to me for advice and tips on how to dress.

I first started ByCeeTouch as a fashion blog where I used to post artistic photoshoots to inspire people and give them ideas when it came to clothes, accessories, hairstyles, makeup and locations.

Having already pursued a degree in Interior Architecture at the Académie Libanaise Des Beaux-Arts, I decided to pursue another degree in Fashion, Styling and Pattern Drafting at Esmod University for Fashion in collaboration with USJ. I needed to understand the bits and pieces of the industry.

And this is where ByCeeTouch was born.”

3. Explain why the brand is called “ByCeeTouch”.

“CeeTouch is the abbreviation for Cynthia’s touch.”

4. Describe the ByCeeTouch woman in three words.

“Passionate, energetic and artsy.”

5. How would you describe your personal style?

“I am bold and I like to wear striking clothes that make a statement. I am spirited and original.

Some other words I could give you to describe my personal style are confident, trendy, and unique.”

6. Where do you get your design inspiration from?

“I find inspiration everywhere—in life, in the streets, from friends, from experiences, from the movies I watch, and from the things that I see every day.

Simple photography sessions in the charming and authentic streets of Beirut is enough for me to initiate, feel the inspiration, and grow. Beirut, my creative hub, is what inspires me the most and makes me feel high. It helped me to understand the cultural blend that the city possesses to create customized fashion pieces and style those pieces coherently.

My other sources of inspiration are: fabric textures and patterns, colors, traveling to new places, vintage and retro shops, photography composition, colors, and narratives.”

7. What’s your favorite thing in your wardrobe?

“I have a lot of things in my closet, but a statement jacket that I bought from a vintage store is my favorite.”

8. Where do you see the brand in five years?

“I see myself roaming around the world of fashion and inhaling the exposure of multinationals. I want to tap into the unknown and diversify into the journey of style to be inspired and inspire those around me.

My ultimate goal is to host my own fashion shows and be a trustworthy figure in the industry. I want to convey a sense of peace and unity through my designs.”

9. What’s your favorite thing about the fashion industry?

“Fashion is a universal language that allows women of all origins to express their individuality through their appearance. Any woman can create a style and a look that conveys her personal taste and perspective on life. She can use it to speak to the world without ever using a single word.

My favorite thing about fashion is that there are so many different styles. You’ll always be able to find your own unique and personal style—and dress however you want.

I love the uniqueness of fashion and how it varies all over the world. I love how a single piece can look so different on different people. I also love how you can show your emotions through fashion.”

10. What do you do when you’re not working on ByCeeTouch?

“I’m an interior architect and I work in a family business called G Group Design.”

The Takeaway

Cynthia Ghannoum is one talented and inspiring entrepreneur!

You can be assured that every single piece in the ByCeeTouch collection has been influenced by culture, designed with love, and crafted to meet the needs of women everywhere, from Beirut and beyond.